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This horse was made for walking

In an era where most of us are in a constant rush, it can be good to consciously try to slow down.

You've probably heard of slow retail, slow food, so here's slow travel: the art of traveling for the sake of traveling.

Although many today consider horse back travel as rather slow and uncomfortable, it is actually seeing a revival. We've been doing it for a few years now, and we can confirm that discovering a place and going through it on a horse gives you a perspective and an access that no other means of travel can.

First, horses fascinate people. When you enter a new village, or when locals see you from far, they usually want to meet, talk and learn about you. Horse creates a bond between you, the foreign element, and the local cosmos. Second, you start to see from the horse's perspective. Horses are generally spooky and have an excellent sense of observation. To avoid situations where your mount might scare itself, you make an extra effort to see everything around you. Suddenly, the forest starts to look different - you can see the leaves now and not just the trees. You pay attention to every sound, you notice the wind.

You learn to be patient, to slow down. You cover 5-8km/hour which means the scenery changes gradually. You can't escape and look at your phone, you need to focus on what's going on around you. You need to be here in the now. Like a horse.

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