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Enjoy a working holiday with us

What’s a working holiday?

During a working holiday, you’ll spend the whole day with us (and stay with us if you’re not from the area) and follow our daily routine. It is an opportunity to see how a small scale ethical horse business functions as well as a great way to learn about our natural horsemanship methods and get the chance to apply them yourself.

What do you do on a normal day?

Since you’ll be shadowing us, it really depends on our program at that time. As horse trainers, you will learn that our schedule can vary tremendously from one day to another. Usually, we start by going to the stables early in the morning to check on the horses. We clean them and muck out their stalls. We’ll either take them for a walk, graze them or exercise them, depending on the requirement. We then feed them before attending to the daily chores such as cleaning the tack. After that, we go home to have lunch and a nice nap before heading out again. In the afternoon we’ll do more work with the horses. Working with horses involves either groundwork or ridden exercises.

If you’re here during the horse race starting season then we’ll take you to the stud farms where we work and you can see and learn about the process of starting a horse using natural horsemanship methods. We also often get involved with the local animal rescue organisation. When we have clients, either for natural horsemanship courses, corporate leadership sessions or any other types, you’ll be assisting us.

Other activities, depending on the time of year and our location (we have changed location a few times in the last years) includes: playing polo, jumping and going out for hacks.

We also welcome help handling our dogs, from feeding to taking them out for a walk or bathing them.

What is the difference between doing a horsemanship course and doing the working holiday?

During a course, our schedule is dedicated to our students and we spend most of the day (depending on the course) teaching. Working holidayers, on the other hand, are expected to fit into our schedules. But we do take the time to teach those who come on working holidays too!

Where will you stay?

In our guest room! You have your own bathroom. We take our meals together.

Are there any requirements?

We don’t require any horse-related experience and you will not be forced to do anything you don’t want. However, we do need you not to be afraid of horses, dogs or cats. We welcome a positive and adventurous attitude. We also recommend that you look up information about India and its capital to know what you are getting into.

When should you come?

October to March are the best times when the weather is cooler but we do take volunteers the year around. They should just be able to cope with the heat!

We take up to two working holidayers at a given time.

Doing a corporate leadership program

Training rescued horses in a sanctuary (above)

Working with cart horse people (below)

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