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Volunteer / Paying holidays


If you are looking for a new experience and the chance to learn about horses and natural horsemanship our volunteer program could be for you. 


We accept people who are both completely new to horses as well as those who have plenty of experience. Before you come we will work out a program that suits your needs and experience.


During the day, you will assist us in our work with horses, either on our farm at the riding club or on other premises such as animal shelters or stud farms. This will give you the opportunity to learn first hand about natural horsemanship and how it can be applied. We will set aside time to teach you our methods and let you work with our horses so you can perfect them. 


We can also organise riding classes as well as polo classes on demand. 


You will stay at home with us with our rescued cats & dogs. We are in Gurgaon, which is near the capital Delhi and 45 min from the international airport. 


Get in touch with us for dates and prices.

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