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A centre to learn non-violent



About us 

Manjeev and his wife Charlotte are passionate about horses and their well being. They have both spent extensive periods learning at the Monty Roberts school in California, as well as worked with horses all over the world, from Mongolia to Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. Real animal lovers, they live with rescued cats and dogs (9 at the latest count!) and are involved with local NGOs to help with rescued horses. 

About Manjeev 
Manjeev is the first (and currently only) natural horsemanship trainer certified by Monty Roberts in Asia. From wild mustangs in California to young thoroughbred in India about to start their racing career, Manjeev works diligently to empower the horses with the tools, ability and confidence to face the life ahead of them.   

Manjeev loves to share his knowledge and teach students through a variety of courses. He helps owners understand their horses better and rehabilitate trauma. He also trains grooms to handle horses. 

About Charlotte  
Charlotte is also trained in the Monty Roberts methods. She has been riding since she could walk and used to do eventing (cross country, jumping and dressage) in France where she was born. She is passionate about the power of horses to help people understand themselves better. She is in charge of the “Experiences” arm of MNH Centre, as well as conducts leadership and personal skill development sessions to help people grow via the medium of horses. 

​Hey there, I’m Manjeev, 

I was born in Himachal Pradesh, India, in a simple (but fantastic!) middle-class family for whom owning horses was either a matter of kings or of vegetable vendors. Actually, my mother used to tease me that I’d end up pushing donkeys on construction sites if I didn’t do my homework (look who's laughing now!) 

As a matter of fact, I didn’t sit on a horse until the ripe age of 32 years old. My wife Charlotte, who grew up in France, loves horses and pushed me to try. I started riding in the middle of a field near Delhi’s airport. Although I loved learning to ride, I also felt that there were a lot of things wrong being done to horses, like the way they opened their mouths when I pulled on the reins or how we had to whip them to make them go forward. But I was told it was normal so I carried on. We then moved to Singapore where I discovered the incredible sport of polo. I was hooked! 

A few years later, Charlotte convinced me to take some time off to go and train at the famous horse whisperer Monty Roberts’ centre in California, USA. In my family, taking some “time off” was completely unheard off - and at that to do horse training! 

My journey learning natural horsemanship took many years and many setbacks (I’ll tell you all one day with a cup of chai around a bonfire). But it also took me to extraordinary places, including working with wild mustangs in the US and Mongol ponies, among other incredible things. It was all a combination of extreme luck, very hard work and coming across very supportive people! 

I feel so privileged to have been able to work with the world famous Monty Roberts, who remains a dear mentor and inspiration to this day. 

I set up this natural horsemanship centre in Gurgaon to provide all the people like me in India, and in Asia, a place to carry out their dreams with horses.

“We’ve all heard stories of horse whisperers, well here’s your chance to become one. Held in the heart of Haryana’s countryside, this horse whispering experience is absolutely enthralling.”

Delhi Little Black Book (LBB)

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Find Us

Manjeev Natural Horsemanship

Located at:

Manjeev Natural Horsemanship Farm

Opposite Harmony Equestrian Centre (HEC), 

Near Leopard Trail Road, 


Gurgaon, Haryana - 122015, India

Contact: +919717723183


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