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A centre to learn non-violent




MNH’s curriculum can broadly be divided into two parts: “Experiences” and Horsemanship”. 


The “Horsemanship” arm of MNH is a proper deep dive into horsemanship techniques and practice. Find out more here.

The “Experience” arm of MNH is for people looking for a technically lighter but emotionally deep experience with horses. 

MNH’s “Experience” sessions are for you if: 

  • You love animals - and horses in particular - and you want to be able to connect with them in a meaningful way. 

  • You want to connect with a horse in a way that makes sense TO THE HORSE and not just from the perspective of a human

  • The methods that you have observed so far in terms of how people interact with horses do not seem right to you

  • You dream of building a relationship with a horse based on trust and leadership 

  • You are fascinated by how nature and animals operate and wish you could understand it too

  • You are looking for a meaningful way of spending time with nature and interacting with animals


MNH “Experiences” offers group and private sessions. Get in touch here for more details.

“We’ve all heard stories of horse whisperers, well here’s your chance to become one. Held in the heart of Haryana’s countryside, this horse whispering experience is absolutely enthralling.”

Delhi Little Black Book (LBB)

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Find Us

Manjeev Natural Horsemanship

Located at:

Manjeev Natural Horsemanship Farm

Opposite Harmony Equestrian Centre (HEC), 

Near Leopard Trail Road, 


Gurgaon, Haryana - 122015, India

Contact: +919717723183


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