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Holiday packages

The non-riding horse lover’s holiday in Incredible India 

Are you looking to combine learning natural horsemanship with the wonderful Marwari horse breed, with a stay in Incredible India? 
Do you want to combine days spent in the country side surrounded by animals with a city stay, close to restaurants and shops? 
Have you been wanting to learn about natural horsemanship, also known as horse whispering, and you’d like to make a holiday of it? 
Then our holiday packages are for you. 

About natural horsemanship holidays

During the day, you will be at the farm with the horses, dogs and cats, surrounded by the countryside, learning about natural horsemanship with Asia’s only Monty Roberts instructor. You’ll learn all there is to know about how horses think, communicate, and relate to other horses as well as to people. You’ll get to implement what you learn in practise through guided interactions with our safely trained horses.

You’ll be staying in an apartment that neighbours our own, in a gated community about 15-20min drive from the farm. You’ll have your own place, intimacy, and comfort, while we will share all our meals together. The apartment has all the modern amenities required to make you comfortable, including bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, and a lovely gated green area to go for walks without being bothered. You will be walking distance to a lovely shopping complex which includes a spa (hello massages - they’re amazing we’ve tried them!), a cinema, many shops and great restaurants and bars.

While you’ll have your own place, you’ll be staying right next to our home and we’ll be having all our meals together (unless you want to pop over to discover some of the nearby restaurants, of course!). We’ll also travel together to and from the farm. In other words, we take complete care of you but you also have the ability - and ease - to do things independently if you so wish. 


Other things to do 

Depending on what you’re interested in, we can also take you on local hikes in the beautiful area and to visit the Friendicoes animal sanctuary, with whom we’ve been working actively. 

This is also a practical location to go to places like the Taj Mahal, Jaipur etc. 

Why don’t you stay at the farm? 

The answer to this question is very long (and we’ll be happy to have this chat in person when you come!) but the short version is that the farm is located in an area close to the protected Aravali area, which restricts buildings. The benefit is that it’s a particularly beautiful area as a result, despite its proximity to town. Also, you’ll get all the benefits of a nature stay during the day, and the advantages of a city stay in the evenings and night. In effect, you’ll get the best of both worlds! 

Week-end package: USD 500/person 

2 nights / 3 days
The weekend package is ideal if you’re short on time, or as an add-on to another holiday tour that you’re doing. It is a great way to get an insight into the world of natural horsemanship. 

Week package: USD 1,150/person

6 night / 7 days 
The week package is ideal if you want to spend more time diving into the world of horse whispering and build practical experience with horses.

10-day package: USD 1,600/person 

9 nights / 10 days 
We recommend this package if you really want a deep dive and an in-depth understanding of natural horsemanship. 


We focus on helping people develop a relationship with horses on the ground. There is no riding involved. 

Learn from Manjeev, Asia's only Monty Roberts certified trainer, and his wife Charlotte, advanced Monty Roberts student
Discover the beautiful Aravali mountains 
Discover the unique Marwari breed of horses
Discover the art of natural horsemanship and true connection with horses
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