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Would you like to come and visit our farm? 

We absolutely love to share our passion for animals with visitors and the great thing is that we get requests almost daily from wonderful fellow animals lovers who would like to visit the farm. 


The thing is, though, is that every time we have visitors, we (or our staff) need to be present and supervise for safety purposes. This means that for every visitor, we close off an opportunity for a course/paid booking. Also, while many visitors are absolutely lovely people, there are also many who request to visit, to whom we allocate a time slot and ensure that we are here, and who send us a message 5 min before the meeting time saying they can’t come, or even worse, who just never turn up. 


We are a tiny organisation with limited resources but we really want to share our passion with like-minded people who will respect our and our animals’ time. 


As a result, we have come up with a new system to accommodate requests to visit. Twice a month we will open up for visitors to come and spend time at the farm. Each open visit slot will be limited to a maximum of 12 people and we will ask a token amount to be paid of INR 350/person. This ensures that only people who really want to come come, and helps cover the costs of the tea and snacks we serve. It will also contribute to the costs of taking care of our big pack of animals. And yes, that price is also applicable for children because, while we love them, children take twice as much supervision around animals! 


That way, we make sure we are both available to spend time with you at the farm, introduce you to every furry member of the family and are present to answer all the questions you may have. 














You can make your booking by clicking on the Razorpay button below for secure payment. 

The next open farm session is: 
Sunday 14 February from 3.30-5.30pm
We are located in Baliawas, Gurgaon, near the Pathways school on the Gurgaon-Faridabad road

Once you have booked your ticket we will email you a confirmation with the exact directions. 

Terms & Conditions


Each open day is limited to 12 people. 

Each person (children included) needs a ticket and we kindly request that you stick to the time slot allocated. 

The ticket is non-refundable but you may nominate someone else in your place if you can’t come. If you notify us at least 48hours in advance that you are unable to come you can use your ticket for another time up to one time. If you cancel less than 48hours before hand, if you don’t show up (regardless of the reason) or if you cancel twice you lose your ticket. 

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