Part 4. Test you knowledge

Make sure you have understood everything we went through in part 4 by answering the questions below.

These questions are already asked in each section, but you can check your knowledge again here.

You can write the answers on a separate document and email it to manjeevchaudhary@gmail.com or answer the questions in a video (all questions in a single video) and Whatsapp it to 9717070183.


1.Why do you think foals need to walk as soon as they are born? 
2.Who should do the first examination of a new born?
3.How soon can the farrier come and check the hooves?
4.Should the mother be around when the farrier is checking a 
  foal’s feet? 
5.What do we call male and female yearlings?
6.What would be the ideal schedule of a farrier visit in the             
7.How often would horses like us to clean their feet?
8.How can the turnout condition affect your horses hoof? 
9.What can we do to reduce the risk of hoof injuries? 
10.If you see that a horse has a soft sole, what could be the 
11.You notice your horse’s hooves need trimming, what should you 
12.Your horse lost a shoe, what should you do? 
13.Why is hoof care important for horses?
14.What happens if horses hooves are not trimmed?


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