Part 3. Test you knowledge

Make sure you have understood everything we went through in part 3 by answering the questions below.

These questions are already asked in each section, but you can check your knowledge again here.

You can write the answers on a separate document and email it to manjeevchaudhary@gmail.com or answer the questions in a video (all questions in a single video) and Whatsapp it to 9717070183.

1.If you see that the dung has a strange consistency, what could 
  be the issue? 
2.What other animals, if any, can’t vomit?
3.If you are noticing a change of behaviour in a horse, what 
  could be the issue? 
4.If your horse is biting or bucking unusually, what could be 
  the issue? 
5.If you are approaching a horse you don’t know and you can see 
  it is stressed, biting etc,what can you assume about the 
6.If you have a pile of grass to feed your horse, what do you 
  need to do to make sure there are no toxic materials in it? 
7.What is the risk if you don’t wash the feeding and water 
  buckets every day? 


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