Part 2. Test you knowledge

Make sure you have understood everything we went through in part 2 by answering the questions below.

These questions are already asked in each section, but you can check your knowledge again here.

You can write the answers on a separate document and email it to manjeevchaudhary@gmail.com or answer the questions in a video (all questions in a single video) and Whatsapp it to 9717070183.

1.Who is usually the boss in a herd?
2.What happens to the colt and fillies once they have grown up?
3.Explain the snaking behaviour of the stallion in the video above. 
4.How can you recognise the boss in the stables / paddock? 
5.When do signs of dominations and submission become most apparent? 
6.List the main signs that your horse is trying to dominate you. 
7.Why is it important to recognise these signs?
8.How long have horses been around? 
9.Why is it so important to know about herd dynamics with our domesticated horses? 
10.Do horses still behave in the same way in the wild and in the domestic environment?
11.List some of the signs that a horse is being dominant and / or submissive. 
12.What are the risks if you let your horse be dominant towards you? 
13.What can you do protect a horse that is being attacked by other horses? 

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