Part 1. Test you knowledge

Updated: Mar 30

Make sure you have understood everything we went through in part 1 by answering the questions below.

These questions are already asked in each section, but you can check your knowledge again here.

You can write the answers on a separate document and email it to manjeevchaudhary@gmail.com or answer the questions in a video (all questions in a single video) and Whatsapp it to 9717070183.

Part 1.1. Eyes / Vision

1. What colours do horses see best?

2. What happens when you are riding your horse ‘on the bit’? What can you do to help you horse?

3. If you are walking down the arena on your horse and he suddenly stops, what should you do?

4. When your horse stops in front on a painted line on the ground, what is happening in his head?

5. Why are things that flap, such as plastic bags, so frightening for horses?

6. Why would a horse stop just in front of the shadow of a tree?

7. Why would a horse stop in front of a puddle of water?

8. Why can pieces of broken glass on the floor while you ride be disruptive for a horse?

9. SITUATION EXERCISE: You horse refuses to go in the shower area at your barn/riding club. Explain several reasons that could explain why?

Part 1.2. Body communication

1. What is sclera? Why is it important to be aware of it?

2. What is flehmen? When is a horse most likely to do it?

3. How would a young horse show his submission to an older horse?

4. Why do horses open up their nostrils wider during a tiring exercise?

5. What are 4 of the main body parts of a horse that give the most information about what is going on in their heads? If you had to chose one, which one would you chose and why?

6. If a horse has floppy ears and a droopy mouth, how should you approach him?

Part 1.3. Synchronisation

1. What happens when you are afraid? Why is it important to be aware of your own fear?

2. What happens when a horse is afraid?

3. What is synchronisation? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

4. If you horse is showing strange behaviour in his stable, what could this be telling you?


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