Part 1.Section 1. Vision/Eyes

Updated: Apr 1

Communication & Horse sense: The horse's eyes

Everything you need to know about the horse's eyes


VIDEO - What would this actually look like:


TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE - What colours do horses see best?



VIDEO - Did you know horses can't see very well above their height? This is why they can be so afraid of drones, or hate to go in water.



What happens when you are riding your horse ‘on the bit’? What can you do to help you horse?

When your horse stops in front on a painted line on the ground, what is happening in his head?

Why would a horse stop in front of a puddle of water?




Why can pieces of broken glass on the floor while you ride be disruptive for a horse?




If you are walking down the arena on your horse and he suddenly stops, what should you do?

Why are things that flap, such as plastic bags, so frightening for horses?



VIDEO - This explains why a horse may be tempted to stop or avoid a fence while jumping:



SITUATION EXERCISE: You horse refuses to go in the shower area at your barn/riding club. Explain several reasons that could explain why?


VIDEO - To understand why the horse's pupil has this specific oval shape, see here:



Exercise you can do at home

Imagine you have a horse's eyes. Look around you and notice all the things that a horse would notice. Notice things that move, even if it's just the wind in leaves, or clothes flapping on the balcony in the wind. Notice if there is anything blinding, or an object that is reflecting light. Remember to take into account their blind spots. Notice the colours and imagine how different things would look from the horse's perspective.

Are there any areas in your home a horse would not like to go to?

Exercise you can do outside

Go for a walk and imagine you are a horse. Try to notice every little detail around you. Is the wind blowing? Is there a plastic bag flapping? Is there an area of shade created by a tree that could cause confusion?

Would you feel spooky if you were a horse?

You can also do this exercise with a friend or in a group: share with each other what you see and compare.


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