Is this the course for you? 

Horses are amazing but complex creatures - fundamentally different from us. 

You could do a PhD in horses and still don't know everything. And in any case, knowledge for the sake of knowledge is not helpful for most horse owners/lovers. If I tell you about the digestive system, you'll likely forget it soon. But if I tell you what you need to know about the digestive system and why this knowledge can save a horse's life - I know you're listening. And you'll probably never forget. 

In other words, you probably want to know what has a direct implication with horses and how you can use that knowledge to become a better rider, horse care taker and simply horse lover. 

This course is for you if: 

  • You live in a country where you have easy access to staff, or you know you'll probably not be the main caretaker on a day to day basis

  • You want to know enough so that you don't get ripped off (by your own staff, by a horse / feed seller etc) 

  • You already had a horse in the past but it didn't turn out too well

  • You've been wanting a horse for a while but don't feel equipped enough 

  • You're generally not big on theory, the schooling system wasn't really for you 

  • You tend to think more in pictures than in words

  • You don't want to burden yourself with info which can be googled easily 

  • The well being of your horse is paramount 

  • You know that understanding your horse will make you a better rider

This course will help you if you want

  • to be able to read a horse no matter the situation

  • you want your horse to want to be with you 

  • you want the knowledge to be able to identify problems and know where to find the solution 

  • you want to be able to recognise when someone is taking advantage of you 

This course if for you if you don't want

  • to spend hours reading extensive theory that you don't really need

  • to be dependent on your groom or people you employ to know what is going on with a horse

  • to be an uninformed rider / care taker who can't ensure the well being of horses

  • to hurt horses because of a lack ofknowledge 

How does it work? 

The 7 things you need to know: 

1. The online course is not live. It is a combination of text, images and videos. 


2. It is a combination and a compilation of the best explanations and ways of explaining that already exist out there (why reinvent the wheel?). 

3. For every piece of information we give you about the horse, we also tell you why you should care under the "Rider/Owner responsibility" so it is completely clear. 

4. It is designed for you to be able to skip parts that you don't find interesting and only read the "Rider/Owner responsibility" section

5. It is divided into 8 sessions which we recommend you do over 1-2 months, as you wish. Each session should not take more than 20-30min to go through. 

6. At the end of each session, we ask you real life scenario questions that put into practice the information we just discussed. You can send your answers back to us for checking. 

7. Once you have complete the 8 sessions (no test, this is not school!) we will have one session together, either at the ranch if you're local or over Skype/Whatsapp if not to discuss the course and anything you may not be sure about. 

How can I sign up? 

1. Pay Rs 10,000 by following the instructions below. Then email with the proof of payment

2. Once we confirm the payment, we will send you the access by email. 


3. Tadaa! You login and that's it!

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