Knowing just the right amount

Several years ago, I, too, was searching the Internet for ways to become a better horseman. 


I knew there was a lot to learn and the more I searched, the more I realised how much there really was to know. 


I quit my job and embarked on a journey which lasted several years and continues to this day to learn as much as I could about horses, from their psyche, to their bodies, the way they move, their feet, their teeth etc. 


Looking back, I now realise that we don’t need to know everything. There are experts in each field who can help us when and as the need arises. 


However, there are a certain amount of things that each horse rider, horse owner or simply horse lover really, really needs to know. This is because there are a whole bunch of things about horses that determine how they behave. Knowing these things will transform your relationship with these extraordinary animals. 


This is why I have put together an online course which answers two key questions: 


What is it that I need to know about horses? 


How can I use this knowledge to transform my interaction & caretaking of horses? 


I want to save you from what I’ve had to go through, which is hours, weeks and years of reading through material to then wonder: did I really need to know this? And then just forget about it. 


You can sign up and get more details about the online course here.


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