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Discover the art of horse whispering

Have you always wanted to connect with a horse in a way that makes sense TO THE HORSE and not just from the perspective of a human? 

Do you dream of building a relationship with a horse based on trust and leadership? 

Are you fascinated by how nature and animals operate and wish you could understand it too? 

Are you looking for a meaningful way of spending time with nature and interacting with animals in a non-violent way? 

Are you looking to broaden your perspective like never before? 

Do you have a horse, or do you ride horses and with to transform your experience with them? 

Are you looking for someone with professional experience to guide you on this journey? 

If so, our introduction to horse whispering course is for you. 


An experience completely unique in India

>>1h30 session with Asia's only Monty Roberts certified trainer


>>a deep dive into how horses think and how horses communicate

>>we teach you the "tricks" to be able to communicate with horses


>> you get to try it out yourself with our horses and discover the MAGIC


Price: INR 6,000

Location: Baliawas, Gurgaon on our beautiful farm with all our rescue animals 

By clicking on this link you will be sending us an email requesting a booking. We will get back in touch with you to confirm the time & date and organise the payment. 

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