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Half day workshop:
Discover Natural horsemanship


Location: Manjeev Natural Horsemanship Ranch, 

next to The Tennis Project, Baliawas, Gurgaon

Date: Sunday 14 March 3-6pm
Price: INR 5,000/person


Minimum age: 16 years (guardian authorisation required for attendees below 18 years old)


Participants will be awarded a Certificate at the end of the workshop. 

If you are experiencing issues with the Razorpay system you can pay via Google Pay (Manjeev Chaudhary 9717070183) or by transfer to: 


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 50200031124752

IFSC: HDFC0009110

Please email with the proof of the payment. 

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Have you always wanted to connect with a horse in a way that makes sense TO THE HORSE and not just from the perspective of a human? 

Do you dream of building a relationship with a horse based on trust and leadership? 

Are you fascinated by how nature and animals operate and wish you could understand it too? 

Are you looking for a meaningful way of spending time with nature and interacting with animals in a non-violent way? 

Are you looking to broaden your perspective like never before? 

Do you have a horse, or do you ride horses and wish to transform your experience with them? 

Are you looking for someone with professional experience to guide you on this journey? 

“Discover Natural  Horsemanship” is a half-day in-person workshop designed to take you into the mind of a horse to understand why horses behave the way they do as well as how you can communicate with them using Equus, the horse’s natural communication system. During this workshop, you will discover a non-violent approach to working with horses, how to approach, touch and handle them so that you can build a relationship based on trust. You will learn how horses learn, see and think and how this impacts their awareness of space, our breathing and their ability to see our intentions. You will get an introduction to the methods of famous horse whisperer Monty Roberts (in whose methods I am trained) and witness first hand a Join-Up demonstration. 


The purpose of the workshop is to: 

-showcase how effective non-violent training approaches are with horses

-introduce you to Equus, the horse’s natural communication system

-show you how to build a relationship with horses built on trust and partnership

-show you how horses think and communicate

-give you an insight into how you, too, can communicate with horses using Equus


During the workshop we will: 

-discuss the science behind Equus and how it works

-give you the tools to start your journey learning to communicate with horses

-teach you the basic concept behind non-violent training after watching a Join-Up demonstration

-have a guided round-pen session to feel the power of Equus and horse communication 

The program: 


2.45-3.00: Arrival at our horse centre
3.00-4.00: Table discussion taking you inside the mind of a horse
4.00-4.30: Join-Up demonstration
4.30-6.00: Guided exercises with horses in the round pen and paddock


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Who is it for? 

This workshop is for those who are new to horses, returning after a long break, trying to overcome fear or simply keen to learn more about connecting with horses. 

About the venue

The session will be held at our horse ranch in Gurgaon. We have 8 horses, 7 dogs and 6 cats, which was not at all intended like that but all these rescues are now an integral part of our family.

We have a mix of horse breeds, including Marwaris, thoroughbreds and imported Argentinian polo ponies. This is a great way to discover different temperaments of horse breeds. 

The farm is at the feet of the Aravali hills, surrounded by nature. 



We will serve water, coffee and tea. Feel free to bring anything else you feel you might need. 


What to wear

Closed shoes, long trousers. The weather is starting to warm up so you might want to wear a hat.  

What you need to know 

There will be no riding, all exercises are carried from the ground. 

Our horses are all well trained and safe to be around, so are our dogs and cats. However, they are live animals with a mind of their own. Dogs can get playful and jump, and cats get playful too and scratch. You need to be comfortable with animals and okay to get dirty (don’t wear your best white trousers!). We are an all-inclusive farm where animals are treated just like us :)

Terms & Conditions:

The ticket price is non-refundable and non-cancellable but you may nominate someone else in your place if you can’t come. If you don’t show up (regardless of the reason) you will forfeit your ticket. A ticket for one event cannot be used or deferred for another event. 

We kindly ask that you do not bring friends or family for this event. This session is designed to focus on just you and the other attendees and to create a safe space for all of us. If someone is dropping you and needs to find a place to wait, there are a number of cafes and restaurants in the Baliawas / Gurgaon Faridabad road that they can go to while they wait. (We don’t have any recommendation you can look them up). 

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About Manjeev: 

Manjeev is Asia’s only Monty Roberts certified instructor. He discovered horses “late,” having never sat on a horse until the age of 32. At that time, he was working at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Shortly after, with his wife, they decided to leave their jobs and corporate life to dive deep into the world of horses. Manjeev trained at the Monty Roberts Learning Center in California over a period of several years which included extensive work with untouched horses, such as wild mustangs. He travelled to the four corners of the world, from Argentina to New Zealand going through Mongolia, to learn as much as possible from amazing horse people. In 2016, he moved back to India to open his horse centre where he teaches non-violent horse training and Equus. 

You can watch the BBC documentary on Manjeev here

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